Pororo Coding Computer Over 37 months + Click with mouse 4.5 inch color LCD Learn playing with Proro

Pororo Coding Computer Over 37 months +

Click with mouse, 4.5 inch color LCD

Learn while playing with Pororo!

*40 menus in 8 modes
-Com Class (You can play 8 games to learn the basics of using computers.)
Mouse click practice 1~2, up, down, left and right key practice, keyboard practice, Korean typing, English typing, Pororo Talk, mail

Learn to code with 5 coding games and develop logical thinking.
Coding to clear the eyes of Poby, Coding to draw carrots, Musical fountain coding, Cheering squad coding, Fireworks coding

You can play 4 Korean games with your mouse and keyboard.
Find the same character, connect words and pictures, find missing characters, connect sentences

ABC song, Counting numbers in English, English word cards, Find missing letters, Say hello in English

You can learn the basics of mathematics from counting to addition, subtraction, and multiplication tables.
Counting 1-10, remembering numbers, adding, subtracting, multiplication tables

You can play various music with songs, rhythms, and musical instruments.
Karaoke, let's play with rhythm, play musical instruments, play Doremi

You can color and decorate. Decorate it beautifully and see your craftsmanship to your heart's content.
Coloring, drawing stamps, drawing scratches

-Brain game
Jigsaw puzzle, memory game, space travel, fishing game, time to bed, Pororo Pang