[Ponu] 100% Organic Sprout Barley Powder 3g x 30EA.

Organic Sprout Barley Powder 3g x 30EA

- It contains 100% organic sprout barley honestly without chemical additives.
* No additives, preservatives, chemical fertilizers, pesticides, toxic
- Easy individual packaging, 3g of nutrients abundant in 1 packet.
- Safety certification by completion of metal foreign matter/pesticide residue/Escherichia coli!
- Individual stick pouch packaging for easy portability.
- Air mill jet pulverization is used
* The sprout barley powder is pulverized as finely as possible using the ultra-fine pulverization method
so that it mixes well with liquids such as water and milk, and is soft and easy to eat.
* A pulverization method that makes the raw material particles hit through the air,
and is a pulverization method that is as safe as possible from foreign metal substances

[Recommended for these people.]
- Those who eat out frequently and have uneven nutrition due to irregular eating habits
- Those who want balanced nutrient intake and health promotion
- People who are looking for tea that can be easily consumed at rest due to excessive stress
- Those who are looking for a car for family health
- Those who frequently eat high-calorie, oily foods
- Those who have insufficient vegetable and fruit intake

[How to take]
Once a day, 1 packet (3g) at a time, easily consume with water, milk, yogurt, etc.