POINT and Calm Veggie Wormwood Rub Foam 150g

Calm Veggie Wormwood Rub Foam 150g

It is a mildly acidic cleansing foam with scrub particles containing mugwort leaf powder embedded in it.
- A scrub containing 7 natural ingredients
Witch hazel leaf, lemon balm leaf, mistletoe, sage, peppermint, soap grass, juniper berry
-Mild foam, slightly acidic pH formula
- No artificial fragrance, artificial color added
-Sweet aftertaste

[How to use]

*Scrub care 1-2 times a week
* Refreshing daily cleansing
Squeeze the cleansing foam you are using and the soothing vegetable mugwort cream
in a 1:1 ratio each to the size of a bean and create a rich lather, then use it as a daily scrub + cleansing foam.