Playmax-Kongsoons Melody Rice Cooker (Basic) Korean popular animation toys

Playmax-Kongsoon's Melody Rice Cooker (Basic)

Cong-soon's melody rice cooker and fun cooking time!
Enjoy fun playing with various melodies and make eating habits with 10 voice support!
* 4 buttons with various melodies!
Talk in 10 ways, various sound effects, and even rice cooker song!
*Glittering with lights
When the ON button is pressed, the flicker changes according to the flicker sound during operation.
The handle of the rice cooker that can be conveniently carried anywhere, is suitable for the size of children's hands.
* The quality of children's play is enhanced by a designer who does not miss even the delicate parts like a real rice cooker.
* There is a clicking sound when opening and closing the rice cooker. It is helpful for the development of small muscles in the child.
* A detachable rice cooker is included, giving a feeling similar to a real rice cooker, making the child more interesting.