Pinkfong Shark Family Piano / Music Play Baby Shark Music Game Baby Songs

Pinkfong Shark Family Piano 

Music Play Baby Shark Music Game Baby Songs

*24 LED piano keys
There are 24 keys that light up.
Up to two octaves can be played with both hands.
*Accompaniment game
If you follow the lights and press the keys, you can play nursery rhymes nicely.
(Shark family/Little star/Little kettle/Naviya/Three bears)
*Speed game
When the light comes on, you press the keys quickly and develop your quickness.
*6 instrument modes
Play with various instrument sounds and fun sounds (piano/trumpet/violin/bell/alien/interesting sound)
Adjust the volume as you like.
There is also an exciting tempo-zol function to listen to children's songs quickly and slowly.
*Shark drum
I play the drums while pressing the shark face.
*When you rotate the record board, there is a resale sound, and when you press the Pink Pong button, it changes to 5 sounds.
*14 Pinkfong popular songs included.