Pinkfong Shark Family Pen Vocabulary Sounds Book for Kids that reads when you take picture or text

Pinkfong Shark Family Pen

Smart pen that reads when you take pictures or text.
It is a diverse and fruitful composition, including a picture book containing 28 essential themes for children,
2 wall paintings, 22 national flag cards, and 1 Song cell phone.
Pinkfong, let's enjoy 2455 sounds with friends from the shark family.
When you take a picture with a pink pom-pom, your speech bursts,
and various sound stimuli are effective for brain development in children around 2 years of age.

1. The full composition of the shark family pen
1) Pink Pong Pen: Pink Pong, which children love, has become a Pink Pong Pen that speaks and sings.
Put a pink pom-pen on books and parish.
There is a volume control button so you can adjust the volume according to the location.

2) Touch picture book: It contains all 28 essential learning topics for children such as numbers, multiplication tables, greetings, and my home.
With just one book, you can master over 1000 essential toddler vocabulary words.
Pinkfong's popular nursery rhymes and 6 popular fairy tales, including the Shark Family Song, are also included in one book.

3) Singing wall painting: Learn Korean consonants, ABC alphabet, and 80 essential words for children by pressing them.
When you tap the hidden note button, the song comes out from the wall painting.
Attach it anywhere, such as a child's room or living room.

4) National flag card: The front page contains national flags, and the back page contains essential information for each country.
Find out where the capital is and what the greeting is, and go on a world tour!

5) Song Mobile Phone: There are 30 popular Pink Pong songs in a song card like a mobile phone, as if it were a mobile phone.
The whole body is hilarious if you take it with a pen! Dance and sing with excitement.

2. Now enjoy the game as a book
The Pinkfong game you met with the app was reborn as a book. No more smart devices that emit electromagnetic waves!
With just one touch picture book, you can enjoy the game anytime, anywhere.
From finding hidden objects to playing on the phone, playing cars, playing musical instruments, you can enjoy exciting games with a touch of a pen.

3. A must-have for a pleasant outing with a handle
The Touch Picture Book has a handle that fits perfectly in your child's hand, so it's great to take anywhere.
With a pink pom-pen in one hand and a picture book in one hand like a bag, go out lightly with both hands.