[PIBUMI] Centellution Cica Cream 50ml

PIBUMI Centellation Cica Cream 50ml

SOS Cica Soothing Solution !
Skin soothing / Moisturizing / Nutrient supply / Whitening, wrinkle improvement
* Centella 5-fold intensive care
Centella Asiatica Extract / Madecassoside / Madecasic Acid / Asian Acid / Asiaticoside
* Contains plant-derived ingredients to help soothe sensitive skin due to various external stimuli / Hyaluronic acid / Allantoin / Witcha gel / Yak buckwheat
* Blue complex boosting (herb complex extract- borage / chamomile / cornflower / lavender / hyacinth / clary sage)
Provides soothing energy to tired skin
* Non-sticky refreshing feeling
* Misacid care

[How to use]
After completing the basic steps,
take an appropriate amount and spread evenly over the entire face.
If you use it consistently in the morning and evening, you can feel the rapid calming.
It can be used on all areas of concern such as the back and chest along with the face.