PHYTOTREE PHYTO Solution 9 Cream 40ml Azulene high content soothing cream

PHYTO Solution 9 Cream 40ml

[ Elasticity improvement / Brightness improvement / Skin soothing /
Moisture loss protection / Barrier strengthening / Skin flexibility improvement /

Sebum control / Elasticity improvement]
9 solutions are suggested so that you do not lose your balance even with stimulation
-All ingredients EWG safety grade
-Azulene high content soothing cream
- No artificial color added
Azulene's natural purple color, the higher the content, the darker the color.
The color may become pale when stored in a well-lit place, but it is a natural phenomenon of natural raw materials, and there is no problem with the quality and ingredients, so please use it with confidence.
-Contains 71.7% Centella asiatica extract
-Contains PDRN
DNA fragments extracted from the testis of salmon help to increase skin elasticity and improve skin texture.
-Contains jojoba oil
-Purple cream with a refreshing formula that is quickly absorbed without stickiness

[How to use]
Before using the Phyto Solution 9 Cream, apply the toner to a cotton pad and prepare the skin texture.
Take an appropriate amount of Phyto Solution 9 Cream and apply gently along the skin texture.
Gently absorbs over the entire face.