Phykology Seaweed Bubble Clay Mask 5g x 20Sheets Pores Dead Skin Cells Care Wash Off Pack


Phykology Seaweed Bubble Clay Mask 5g x 10 sheets x2Box

Pores, dead skin cells care, wash off pack 

Pink clay containing natural kelp powder is applied softly and moistly
When you apply soft pink clay to your face, you can gently rub the fine carbonated bubbles that come up with your hands,
and you can hear the sound of working hard when my skin and air meet.

Tired skin with a mask,
Exfoliation removal, sebum removal, pore tightening
Finish it at once~

The fine carbonated bubble cleans the pores deeply.
It can be used as it is, always in a clean condition with one-time packaging

Ingredient check
[Kaolin & Bentonite]-Strong absorption of sebum and waste products
[Tashima powder 10,000ppm]-Removes soft dead skin cells
[Vitamin C]-Helps to make skin bright and clear
[Trehalsro]-Maintains moist skin even after cleansing

[How to use]
After applying it over the entire skin except around the eyes, wait for about 1 to 3 minutes until fine bubbles form.
Massages the bubbling skin in a circular motion and intensively rubs the nose with many blackheads.
Clean with lukewarm water.