[PharmTree] Energy Cream 30ml 100% Natural Ceramide Protect Skin Barrier Arrange Skin Tone


PharmTree Energy Cream 30ml

Safely strengthens the skin barrier with 100% natural ceramide
(Madekasoside + Centella extract + Wheat germ extract + Peptide + EGF included)

Completely solve skin scars with 3 times
more powerful steamy energy with wheat germ extract

* Maintain balance of tired skin
* Perfect solution for skin marks
* Arrange skin tone
*EWG green grade blocks harmful substances
* Powerful repair
Perfect repair effect with madecassoside, EGF and peptide components
*Protect skin barrier
Prevents skin moisture loss with repair protective film

[Recommended for this person]

Troubled skin due to trouble marks
Skin sensitive to small irritations
People who have uneven skin tone