PetitFe Neck Wrinkle Care 24K Gold Neck Cream 50g Wrinkle improvement cream barrier protection

Neck Wrinkle Care Gold Neck Cream 50g

Wrinkle improvement cream for neck area, barrier protection & moisturizing
*A cream with real gold powder stuck in it (Glossy Care)
*Wrinkle-improving functional cosmetics (adenosine)
*Fresh cream-like application, not sticky and not stuffy, so fresh application!
*Soft cream formulation containing 24k pure gold powder
A high-nutrient anti-aging cream that is absorbed freshly
*Contains licorice extract, honey extract, and shea butter

[Recommended for these people.]
-Those who want a solid neck line
-Those who are worried about the wrinkles around the neck that are deepening due to the smartphone
-Those who are worried about thin and dry skin around the neck

[How to use]
Apply the cream evenly over the entire skin (neck) and massage it from the bottom up to completely absorb it.