Petfracto Postbiotics Lactobacillus 80g (Companies-Dogs and Cats) Immune care products

Petfracto Postbiotics Lactobacillus 80g
(Companies-Dogs and Cats)

-Immune care products
Natural Lactobacillus Postbiotics is an additive supplement to pet food,
using 100% natural vegetable ingredients (natural organic acids), and is a patented intestinal nutritional supplement.
* Companion animals in need of improving bowel function
*Companion animals that need immunity and management
*Companion animals that need skin and hair management
*Companion animals in need of improvement in weak constitution
-Easily tapping without the need for a spoon, convenient feeding without spillage.

[Feed standard for companion animals]
Once a day, 1 time 3~5g

Puppy weight
3kg or less: 1~2 times
3~7kg: 2~3 times
7~15kg: 3~4 times
15kg or more: 4~5 times

Cat weight
1kg or less: 1 time
2.5kg or less: 1~2 times
6kg or less: 2~3 times
6kg or more: 3-4 times