Paul Medison Deep Red Pore Peel Off Pack 155ml Dead skin/sebum/blackhead/pore pack

Paul Medison
Deep Red Pore Peel Off Pack 155ml

-One-step care from dead skin cells to pores!
It strongly adsorbs impurities and dead skin cells in pores, catches all excess oil, and makes skin clean.
-Nutrition & moisture care with deep red formula
A deep red formula containing pomegranate & camellia flower extract, centella extract, and panthenol fills the skin with energy.
-Helps to make skin smooth with pore care ingredients.
Pore ​​care 4 types formula: Consisting of pungyeonhwa, apple mint, lemon balm, camelgrass extract, it helps pore management and astringent action.
-Cooling texture, firm yet soft gel type that adheres to the skin to remove dead skin cells and impurities in pores.

How to use

After cleansing, apply evenly on dry face, avoiding eyebrows and eye areas.
After about 20 minutes, when the pack is completely dry, remove it slowly from the bottom to the top.
If it is applied too thick, it will take a lot of time to dry.
Remove the pack after drying it sufficiently.
You may use only the troubled area separately.