Paul Medison Deep Red Massive Wrinkle Improvement Whitening Skin Soothing Sleeping Pack 211ml x 2EA

Paul Medison
Deep Red Sleeping Pack 211ml

Take care of damaged skin during the day by charging energy to your skin while sleeping with the Deep Red Sleeping Pack.
(Contains rosewood oil)
-Brightening, wrinkle improvement dual functionality
It contains niacinamide and adenosine to make the skin brighter and more elastic.
-Replenish nutrition with deep red formula
* Deep red formula such as camellia flower, pomegranate extract, branch root, etc. fills tired skin with nutrients.
*5 types of hyaluronic acid and deep red formula give energy to make your skin full of vitality.
-Sturdy skin barrier
Centella asiatica extract, panthenol, and branch root extract help to form a strong skin barrier.
-Fresh finish without stickiness
It is a formulation that is quickly absorbed into the skin and has a soft finish without stickiness,
so there is less staining on the blanket or pillow.
-No artificial fragrances or artificial colors added
-The light gel-type formulation is absorbed without stickiness, so it is suitable for use before sleep.

[How to use]

At the last stage of skin care, apply an appropriate amount to the face, excluding the eye area.
After absorbing the product, wash your face in the morning after sleep without a separate face wash.