Papaya Gold Pawpaw Cream 25g x 3EA

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Papaya Gold Popo Cream 25g

- 99.99% natural ingredients, Australian Popo Cream Papaya Gold
* A quick soothing solution - papaya fruit
* Skin barrier strengthening beeswax
*Powerful moisturizing solution, Macanu Honey 20+
-A multi-balm that can be applied as lip balm, butt cream, or adult moisturizing cream from 1 year
- Moisturize from the inside with honey moisturizing
Quickly soothes itchy, itchy skin caused by dryness.
Macanu honey fills the moisture with moisture from deep inside.
- Moisturizing cream that covers the outside once more
It strengthens the skin barrier to prevent the skin's natural moisture from escaping.
* No skin irritants added
*Free of artificial fragrance, artificial color, Sullphates, Parabens

* With a dense ointment texture, even a small amount melts at the skin temperature and spreads smoothly.
Even a small amount can be applied to a large area.
* Nail and toenail cuticle soothing cream
* Dry elbow and heel keratin care
* Soothes damaged hair ends by dyeing and perming
* Moisturizing solution in the cabin when traveling