[Palkin] Ramen Tea Bags Soup Mild 8+Spicy 8 (4.5g x 16EA) 1Box Korean Soup

Ramen Teabag
4.5 g x 16EA

MSG no additives

- Ramen tea bags filled with potatoes, radish, kelp, onions, pepper seeds, carrots!

Calories only 13kcal!

You can drink it easily when you are tired of eating late-night ramen and when the food is not suitable overseas.

The next day after drinking, overseas travel, camping essentials.

If you want to eat with soup while eating foods like kimbap,chicken and cream pasta, you can relax with a ramen tea bag ~


[How to use]

Mild taste 8 + Spicy taste 8

Add about 2/3 cups of water (110ml) and let stand for 1 minute.

If it's fresh, open another tea bag and worry about it.