[Ottogi] Spicy Sesame Ramen (115g x 4EA) x 3EA

Ottogi Spicy Sesame Ramen 115g x 4EA 

The meeting of hot hot ramen and savory sesame ramen~
A hot and intense spicy taste with the spiciness of Haneulcho
Richer with the ingredients soup consisting of green onions and bok choy
A sesame egg blender consisting of sesame seeds and eggs enhances the flavor!

[How to cook]
Add ingredients soup to 500ml of water, boil water, add powdered soup and egg block,
add noodles, and boil for 4 minutes more.
Put the powdered soup in an appropriate amount depending on the diet,
and it will be even more delicious if served with kimchi, green onions, and eggs.