[Ottogi] Sesame Ramen 115g x 4EA Scent and spicy together~

Ottogi Sesame Ramen 115g x 4EA

A product with rich taste and nutrition in mind by adding the spicy soup with the fragrant aroma of sesame seeds and eggs.

The chewy noodles were added with sesame seeds to enhance the savory taste.
Enjoy the taste of sesame ramen in harmony with spicy and savory flavor.
The savory taste of sesame seeds and eggs are added to the chewy noodles, making it even more delicious.

[How to cook]

Add 500ml of water and boil, add powdered soup and egg block, add noodles, and boil for 4 minutes.
After cooking, add oily soup and stir well to enjoy.
Add powdered soup and oily soup in an appropriate amount depending on your diet.