Ottogi Rice Friend-(Spicy Jjambbong/ Kimjaban/ Bulgogi/ Vegetables/ Cheese) (8g x 3EA) x 5EA


Ottogi Rice Friend

Children's nutritional food with rich taste and nutrition!
If you only have rice, you can enjoy it anytime, anywhere.
Calcium was also added to the nutritious ingredients.

Rice Friend-Spicy Jjampon 43.8g
(Spicy Jjambbong 10g x 3EA, Spicy Jjambbong Flavor Oil 5ml x 3EA)

The texture and nutrition are preserved with spicy and sweet fire scent,
rich squid and savory sesame seeds.
The squid's chewy texture and nutritious savory sesame seeds are full.
Try a variety of flavorful seafood fried rice, champon porridge, fried champon, and spicy tofu sushi.

Rice Friend-Kimjaban 33.3g
(Rice friend Kimjaban 7g x 3EA, Ex-Sesame Oil 4.5ml x 3EA)

The high laver content is full of laver flavor.
Rice friend with excellent complex taste with onion granules.

Rice Friend-Bulgogi 36.3g
(Rice Friend Bulgogi 8g x 3EA, Ex-Sesame Oil 4.5ml x 3EA)
Bulgogi, spinach, eggs, milk, black sesame seeds,
seaweed, and even calcium are healthy rice friends.

Rice Friend-Vegetables 36.3g
(Rice Friend Vegetables 8g x 3EA, Sesame Oil 4.5ml x 3EA)
Spinach, carrots, eggs, pumpkins, seaweed,
sesame seeds, tuna, and green tea contain calcium.

Rice Friend-Cheese 24g
(Rice Friend Cheese 8g x 3EA)
A rice friend full of cheese flavor with plenty of cheddar cheese,
emmental cheese, and blue cheese.

[Rice Friend Recipe]

Prepare 1 bowl of warm rice, 1 bag of rice buddies, and 1 bag of old sesame oil.
Add 1 bag of Ottogi rice friend and 1 bag of old sesame oil to the prepared warm rice and rub it well to make delicious rice!

[Rice friend fried rice recipe]
Put 1 tablespoon (5ml) of cooking oil in a heated frying pan, add a bowl of rice and fry,
sprinkle 1 bag of rice buddies. Stir-fry until the particles dissolve (approximately 30 seconds),
then add 1 bag of old sesame oil over low heat to complete delicious fried rice!