[Ottogi] Oz Kitchen, Soup Curry 320g x 2EA

Ottogi Oz Kitchen, Soup Curry 320g

Exotic and deep-flavored soup curry made with chicken legs and chicken wings in a rich chicken broth
There are plenty of chicken legs, chicken wings, lotus root, potatoes, carrots and quail eggs.
The deep taste of spices blended in optimal proportions

[How to cook]

When cooking in the microwave:
Transfer to a microwave-only container, cover and warm for 3 minutes. 1000w cooking time 2 minutes

When using boiling water:
Put the soup curry in the water in a bag and when the water starts to boil, heat it for 4 minutes before eating.
How to enjoy soup curry: Soup curry can be enjoyed even more deliciously if you don't pour it over rice but scoop it like soup.