[Orion] Korean Food Miz Black 360g x 2EA Serial Chocolate Chips

Miz Black serial 360g

Miz x Cerial x Milk Honey Combination Recipe!!
Optimal combination to enhance the taste of cerial
A sweet blend of cocoa cookies and white chocolate chips
Contains 10% white chocolate chips
1x1 cm ultra-mini size
More cute heart shape added
Micro hook packaging to keep freshness
1500 micro hooks applied to the packaging area

- Miz to save milk taste!
When eaten with milk, the taste and nutrition are doubled! As a snack or as a meal!
- Miz to make use of the taste of dessert!
On top of ice cream, on yogurt, on soft dessert, crispy meat topping!
- Miz saves home baking!
If you put mitsu together and knead it, the taste of bread and cookies will be upgraded!