Orion Market O Nature Oh! Granola Chocolate golaebab 300g x 2EA Sweet five-grain chocolate ball

Oh! Granola Chocolate Whale Rice (300G)

Sweet chocolate granola in the shape of cute whale rice
-Sweet five-grain chocolate ball
5 kinds of whole grain taste and nutrition as it is!
(Domestic rice, oats, wheat, rye, corn)
-Savory five grain chocolate granola
Chocolate and cocoa powder are added twice to make the chocolate taste richer and sweeter!
-8 kinds of cute chocolate whale rice (starfish, whale, dolphin, tuna, blue crab, squid, turtle, blowfish, etc.)

[How to enjoy deliciously]
Fondant in milk!
It is fragrant and moist with milk!
With sweet dessert!
Sweet and refreshing with ice cream and yogurt!
For a crispy snack!
Crisp light and fun!
* Easy and delicious breakfast for our family!
*With healthy nutritional snacks for our children!
* As a fun creativity play item!