Orion Dr.YOU Energy Bar 40g(188kcal) x8/16EA Nutritional snack calorie balance


Orion Dr.U Energy Bar 40g 188kcal

Orion's representative nutrition brand that considers the nutritional balance of busy modern people -Dr. YOU
It's more delicious and helps you get a more convenient, balanced nutritional intake.
With Dr. YOU's unique nutritional design for long-lasting energy, both taste and energy are well filled.
Raw material design:
35% nuts (almonds, peanuts)
Fruit 7.8% (dried cranberries, raisins)
Cereal 7.3% (corn, wheat flour)
Nutrition design:
Protein (one egg's worth of protein)
Multivitamin (A,B,C,E, niacin, folic acid)