Orion Diget Mini Choco 80g x 4EA

Orion Diget Mini Choco 320g

put in one bite
sweet mini daisies
The fragrant daisy made from whole wheat coated
with sweet chocolate is back in a mini size that is easy to take in one bite.

Its savory and sweet taste makes you feel full, so you can enjoy it anytime, anywhere.
Daize Mini Choco, a whole wheat snack
that combines the savory taste of whole wheat and the sweetness of chocolate.

It has a crunchy texture, the first taste is sweet, and the more you chew it, the sweeter it is.
It is made in a mini size, so it is good for people of all ages to put in one bite.
It is a snack designed with whole wheat, so it provides a feeling of satiety,
so it is good to eat as a meal replacement.
Enjoy a richer flavor with milk or coffee.