Opera Milux LED Mask Full Set / 2 Wavelengths

Opera Milux LED Mask Full Set 
2 Wavelengths

Deeper, richer, and tighter management with wide volume LED
- Increase the amount of light (light flux) with a diffusion lens applied to each LED chip,
-Applied convex diffusion lens without spray plate
- Face and neck can be managed together or separately
Face: 78 cells (156 LEDs), Neck: 36 cells (72 LEDs)
- Open design
Comfortable fit without feeling stuffy due to open field of view
and ventilation windows for nose/mouth
- light weight
Face 255g / Neck 101g

[How to use]
After washing your face, apply the ampoule to your face,
put on a mask, and turn on the controller to start management.
(It will automatically shut down after 10 minutes.)
Depending on your skin condition, use it elastically 3 times a week.
We recommend 10 minutes a day.
Finish it off using your existing moisturizing cream or mask pack.
Battery Rating: 3.6V ,5100mAh
Dimensions and weight: 265 * 275 * 290 mm (including outer box)
*LED Wavelength: 837nm (NIR), 630nm (RED)