One Days You No More Blackhead 100ml Sebum remover that dissolves without irritation


One Days You No More Blackhead 100ml

A sebum remover that melts without extraction and without irritation
Skin soothing, moisturizing, and sebum control excellent herbal medicine mixture extract and
skin-protective low-natured substances containing natural-derived saffron water help to safely and healthily remove blackheads.

Main ingredient
Witch haze water, centella extract 74%, lemon balm leaves, peppermint leaves
All ingredients EWG green grade.
Skin hypoallergenic test completed

Skin type
Recommended for dry, oily, combination, sensitive and problematic skin.

Intensive management of dead skin cells and
impurities accumulated on the skin by absorbing cool and refreshing into the skin with water formulation.

*Waste & sebum melting
Witch hazel water and vegetable extracts gently dissolve the impurities and sebum in the pores.
*Sebum extraction
It pushes up the softened sebum so that it rises to the surface of the skin.
*Pore convergence & soothing
After wiping off the sebum and wastes that came up, the remaining vegetable extracts calm the pores.

[How to use]
Pump it so that it is sufficiently moistened with a cotton ball,
adhere well to the secreted area, and let it absorb for 15 minutes.
Use a cotton pad to wipe off any remaining residue.
It is more effective to use after washing your face with lukewarm water or opening the pores in a shower before use.