[Olbab] Right Natural Seasoning Cube Seafood Flavor 90g (30 cubes) x 2EA Simple broth

Right Natural Seasoning Cube Seafood Flavor 90g

- Simple broth
- Natural material
* Using 100% natural seasoning from Korea
* Delicious recipes of 14 natural ingredients
Anchovy, kelp, shrimp, mussels, bandanas, onions, radishes, sea salt, rice, green onions,
shiitake mushrooms, cheongyang peppers, soy sauce and garlic are used.
Using Korean sea salt that adds umami flavor.
- Eco-friendly container
- Cooking beginner
- No chemical ingredients added
MSG, flavor, emulsifier, preservative, dextrin free
- Portable, easy to store

[How to cook]
Put 330ml of water in a pot, add 1 grain of Hanalbibeop, and boil for about 5 minutes.
When the broth is complete, finish the rest of the dish.