[HIDEAR LAB] Dual Ampoule Cover Cream 60ml Moisturizer,UV Protection Concealer BB Cream Powder


Dual Ampoule Cover Cream (Late Sleep Cream) 60ml

(Ampoule Cream 30ml + Cover Cream 30ml)

Base makeup simpler ~

Save 15 minutes of base makeup time~

From moisturizing cream to UV protection, concealer, BB cream, and powder role, the makeup step was
reduced and the cover power remained.
Not only shortening time, but also reliably covering pores and blemishes;
A simple dual ampoule cover cream with ampoule cream and cover cream coming out of the tube at the same time.

-Moisturize with skin care ingredients full of elasticity and nutrition
-Excellent cover adhesion and lasting power with anti-darkening
-Moisturizing power to keep moisture
-Mild cover ampoule cream that does not irritate
-Whitening + wrinkle improvement + UV protection (SPF50 + PA+++)
-Color: Natural ivory (No.21) color
-0% purified water, moisturized with plant extracts
The ampoule cream contains centella extract from Madagascar,
and the cover cream contains rose extract of Damask from France,
which will keep the skin moist, to maintain sufficient application and moisture to the skin.
-Texture: Soft creamy type cream content without stickiness,
moisturizes the inside of the skin, and feels soft and soft like silk on the outside.

[How to use]
Tilt 45 degrees and press the tube to release the appropriate amount of ampoule cream and cover cream.
After mixing the creams, apply evenly according to the skin texture.
It is recommended to use it at the last stage of skin care, and since it is a cream with UV protection function, a separate sun cream can be omitted.
Before opening the lid for the first time, tap on the palm of your hand so the contents can come down to the slot.