[Of Base] Bio Serazulene Calming Cream 50ml moisturizing cream Contains lactobacillus azulene

[Of Base]
Bio Serazulene Calming Cream 50ml

Moisturizing cream containing lactic acid bacteria azulene
-Contains guaiazulene obtained by extracting from chamomile.
-Contains 10,000ppm of Prebiome & Ceramide NP aqueous solution
-No artificial coloring
-A cream-to-serum formulation that penetrates without stickiness
The tight, highly moisturizing cream texture changes like a serum as it rolls,
so it is absorbed quickly and refreshed without stickiness!
-Moist finish without greasy
-Skin irritation test completed

[Recommended for these people.]
-Those who need hydration and calming together
-Those who need to strengthen the skin barrier
-Those who want to protect the irritated skin from external irritation
-Those who suffer from poor elasticity and loose skin
-For those who want a quick absorption and non-sticky feel