Ocura Kose Cera Cream Daily Moisture Cream 50g

Ocura Kose
Cera Cream Daily Moisture Cream 50g

A daily moisturizer and serum created through long-time research by experts to solve the skin's natural problem, it balances the oil and moisture of the skin,
providing sufficient moisture to the skin and improving the skin texture damaged by external stimuli.
It is a cream in the form of a balm that naturally melts into the skin temperature
and has a light finish, so it can be used daily like a moisturizing cream.
main ingredient
* Shea Butter
*Aminocera 1.5
*Baobab tree extract
*Aqua Seal
* Feel the intense texture at home, not the watery formula of a regular moisturizer, which is elaborately designed for optimal oil-water balance and skin barrier strengthening.

How to use
After washing your face, take an appropriate amount,
apply it along the skin texture, and let it absorb.