OBOD UV LED wireless portable sterilizer, 99.9% perfect sterilization


OBOD UV LED wireless portable sterilizer

99.9% perfect sterilization

-Fast and powerful sterilization with 4 UV-C LEDs and 8 UV-A LEDs
-Safe sterilization with safety function
Malfunctions are prevented and the automatic timer is designed to automatically shut off power after 3 minutes to secure safety once more.
-Excellent portability with light weight
With a light weight of 135g, it can be easily carried in a bag.
-Semi-permanent LED lamp
-With a 2000Ah large-capacity battery, it can be used comfortably for a long time.

[How to use]

Fast sterilization is finished after moving about 5 times!
Please use after fully charged using the included USB cable. (Use after removing the charger.)
Raise the safety switch on the front of the product and press the top button. The sterilization light turns on for 3 minutes and turns off automatically.
(If you press the button again, you can end it arbitrarily.)
Shine it back and forth 5 times at a distance of 3 centimeters from the object to be sterilized.
Press the top button again to turn off the sterilization light, and turn off the front safety switch to lock it.