Nutricore Body Triple S DietGarcinia cambogia/Green Tea Extract,550mg x 120 tablets x 2 bottles

Nutricore Body Triple S 132g
(550mg x 120 tablets x 2 bottles)
Garcinia cambogia extract/green tea extract/aloe whole leaf

*Carbohydrate cut! Reduce body fat! Smooth bowel movement! -
Systematic and scientific design with triple functionality!

* Additive-free excipient method (NCS)!

*Use of 57 kinds of organic raw materials (sub-material)

*Contains 18 kinds of auxiliary ingredients

Results of human application of Garcinia cambogia extract, a functional ingredient:
Weight loss, body fat mass reduction, BMI significant reduction,
abdominal fat reduction, serum leptin reduction, and visceral fat reduction were found.

Intake method
Take 2 times a day and 4 tablets at a time with enough water.