Nutra Life Propolis Candy 4.5g x 30EA Korean Snack Contains Licorice Bellflower Quince concentrate

Nutra Life Propolis Candy 4.5g x 30EA

*Propolis extract powder 1%
*1% acacia honey
*Licorice concentrate
* Bellflower concentrate
*Quince concentrate

[Recommended for these people.]
-People who smoke a lot
-When your mouth is stuffy and your throat is stuffy
-I fell asleep while studying, working, and driving.
-When there is an unpleasant smell in your mouth
-Those who use a lot of throat (teachers, lecturers, singers, etc.)
-Those who have difficulty breathing due to a stuffy nose due to a cold or rhinitis
-When exercising (golf, fishing, climbing, etc.)
-Everyone suffering from yellow dust and fine dust in spring