(NUON) Cissus Hue Diet (2g x 14EA) x 2EA Powder Extract Stick

(NUON) Cissus Hue Diet
2g x 14 Packs

- 100% vegetable raw materials
-Simple stick packaging
-5 multi-functionality + carefully selected auxiliary ingredients
Cisus extract (CQR-300) , Vitamin C, A, E, Biotin
11 types of auxiliary ingredients: chicory root extract, honey powder, rooibos extract powder,
lemon balm (leaf) extract powder, hibiscus extract powder, rosemary powder, rosehip extract powder,
centella asiatica extract powder, low molecular weight fish collagen, elastin peptide mixed extract powder, magnesium oxide
-Simple powder-type stick packaging

[How to take]
2 times a day, 1 sachet at a time, mix with water and consume.