[NuFace] Trinity Mini-Handheld Home Care Beauty Device to Lift Contour Tone Skin + Reduce Wrinkles


Nuface Trinity Mini-Skin Home Care Beauty Device

Small portable microcurrent facial toning device

5 minutes a day management. Helps face lifting,
skin elasticity, skin tone, skin texture, pore reduction, etc.

-Micro current
-1~3 steps adjustable.
-Helps improve skin surface triple (immediate/temporary) lifting (saggy eye tail, saggy mouth tail, sagging Cheek (facial face)
-Helps to improve the lifting of the maxillary area (saggy mouth tail, saggy arm area, sagging Cheek (face)
-3 side face (temporary) help improve lifting
-Helps to improve the lifting of the mandible

[How to use]

1. Preparation
Wash your face clean and wipe dry, then apply Nu Face Gel Primer
to the area where you will use the instrument.


Place the device on the arm, until you hear a beep (for 5 seconds),
gently push it up in a diagonal direction toward your ear. Repeat position 3 times.

Forehead-> forehead
Place the device on the upper part of your eyebrows until you hear a beep (for 5 seconds).
Gently push it up gently. Repeat position 3 times.

After using the device, absorb or wipe the nuface gel primer remaining on the skin and finish with skin care.