[NRICH] Miracle ABC Collagen Jelly Stick (20g x15 Packs) x 2EA

Miracle ABC Collagen Jelly Stick 20g x15 Packs (300g)

It contains nutrient-rich apples, beets, and small-molecule fish collagen in easy-to-eat jelly.
-Organic ABC concentrate 93%, low-molecular fish collagen 1000mg
-A: 40.46% apples B: 12.08% red beets C: 40.46% carrots
-You can feel the rich fruit and vegetable taste with the anhydrous method containing only ABC without purified water (water).
-It is a smooth jelly formulation that you can enjoy deliciously anytime, anywhere.
-It is characterized by a refreshing and sweet and sour taste by increasing the content of apple, beet and carrot concentrate instead of sugar.
* If you eat it after refrigeration, you can feel a more firm texture.
-Pure and healthy product that does not contain coloring agents and preservatives.

[Recommended for these people.]

-If you want to enjoy ABC fruit juice easily
-Those who don't have enough time to eat fresh fruits and vegetables
-Those who are reluctant to eat fresh fruits and vegetables because of their taste and texture
-Those who need to excrete intestinal toxins due to bloated stomach and constipation
-Those who have rough skin due to exposure to ultraviolet rays

[How to take]
When ingested on an empty stomach, the absorption rate in the body increases,
so it is recommended to consume 1 packet on an empty stomach every morning.