Nothing Better [LUV TEA] Red Bean Tea (2g x 15EA) x 3Box

Nothing Better
[LUV TEA] Red Bean Tea
2g x 15 Packs

Naturally, trendy ingredients are selected, and Rupty's unique low-temperature drying,
roasting, and blending are performed. Each ingredient's taste, flavor, fragrance, and lovely pink color premium tea

*Rupty triangular tea bag with excellent repellency and extractability
that quickly and thickly oozes ingredients even in cold water

*No adhesive, No fine plastic
A safe product that adheres to the tea bag using the ultrasonic method and passes the test.
*100% raw materials, no additives
Red Bean 35%, Adlay 25%, Burdock 25%, Beet 15%

[Recommended for these people.]
-Those who need a habit of drinking water
-Those who enjoy late night snacks
-Those who stand or sit for a long time
-Those who are weak every morning

[How to drink]

Red bean tea to enjoy warmly:
Put the rust tea bag in 200 ml of warm water.
After simmering for about 1-2 minutes, enjoy warm rusted red bean tea.

Iced red bean tea to enjoy cool:
Put the rust tea bag in 200 ml of water.
Let it brew for about 2-3 minutes.
Enjoy a cool rusty ice red bean tea with an appropriate amount of ice to suit your taste.
Cool for a deeper taste, or add carbonated carbonated to your liking, and enjoy it as a refreshing rusted bean ade.