NOT4U Clear Body Mist 200ml Back acne care Suppression of sebum production,skin soothing care

NOT4U Clear Body Mist 200ml

-All ingredients EWG Grade 1
Excluding 20 harmful ingredients for skin
-Maintains skin balance so that the improved effect can be sustained
-Clear ER formula provides immediate care.
Clear ER Formula: Ethanol removes bacteria from the skin surface,
and lupeol penetrates deep into the pores, inhibiting sebum production and quickly soothing inflammation.
-Kona Water (Hawaii deep ocean water rich in minerals) creates a moisturizing barrier,
so you can experience faster effects with Nat4yu's unique solution.

[How to use]
After showering, wipe off moisture and spray 2.3 times on the troubled area at a distance of about 20cm.
Since it can spray 360 degrees, you can easily rotate the back part.
It is sprayed evenly over a large area with mist spray.
It is absorbed quickly and finishes neatly without stickiness.
It is recommended to lightly spray 2-3 times a day.