Nongshim Sichuan Chapaghetti Ramen 137g x 4 Bags

Sichuan Chapaghetti
137g x 4 Bags

Chili extract oil and red pepper powder are added to oily soup and granulated soup, respectively,
and it is characterized by a spicy and fragrant taste that naturally matches with jajang sauce.
The smooth and chewy jajangmyeon noodles are reproduced as they are,
and the length of the noodles is shortened so that the jajangmyeon can be rubbed well and eaten conveniently.
In order to improve the savory taste of Jjajang,
the amount of Jjajang soup was increased and granulated so that Jjajang was evenly rubbed.
In addition, a lot of dried onion flakes were added to enrich the onion flavor,
and the ingredients were enlarged to give a rich texture.