[Newtree] Answeris Ever Collagen Time Biotin 90g (30g x 30 Packs)

Newtree Ever Collagen Time Biotin 
90g (30g x 30 Packs)

Small molecule collagen peptide eaten by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety
-Functional certification from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.
Low-molecular collagen peptide recognized for its double function of skin improvement-Nutri's original collagen.
(It helps to moisturize the skin, and it can help to maintain skin health from damage caused by UV rays.)
-Sturdy skin barrier
-The highest content of biotin
Biotin 1,000ug (from France), daily intake 3.333%
-Low molecular weight collagen peptide 1,000mg, daily intake 100%
-Easily shake and consume 1 packet per day without water
[Recommended for these people]
-Let's get nutritional care from head to toe
-Let's keep healthy skin from the stimuli of the world!
-Let's fill up the energy to the tired and crumbling skin in the afternoon!
-Confident tantan beauty energy that won't collapse as if you've just been out