Naturally shared konjac basil extract 0.25g x 300T Satisfaction and health all at once

Naturally shared konjac & basil 

0.25g x 300 tablets

Satisfaction and health all at once
- A healthy feeling of satiety that nature gives, basil seed and konjac meet.
When basil seeds come in contact with water, the water-soluble fiber outer shell turns into gelatin and expands 30 times.
It fills our body with satiety.
Glucomannan, the main component of konjac, is also hydrophilic and expands more than 5 times, giving a feeling of satiety.
In addition, more than 40% of the weight is full of dietary fiber.

[Recommended for these people.]
- Those who want to overcome overeating and binge eating and control the amount of food
- Those who often seek snacks due to a feeling of hunger
- Those who have a hard time with strong appetite and appetite
- Those who want to overcome the pain of hunger
- Those who want a light and healthy lifestyle

[How to take]
It is recommended to take 10 to 30 tablets per day 30 minutes before meals,
when you are hungry, depending on your constitution and hunger.
Be sure to consume with plenty of water. It is recommended to drink at least 300ml of water.