Naturalize Bodytox P Liquid Stick Tea 15g x 30 EA Chinese quince/ginger/bellflower/citron/red beet

Naturalize Bodytox P
Liquid Stick 15g x 30 Packs

Lung Health Comprehensive Nutritional Supplement
Multivitamin Zinc fructooligosaccharide 9 kinds concentrate 5 kinds plant mixture extract
Body Tox P Highly Concentrated Liquid Tea Quince Ginger
Bellflower Yuzu Red Beet Pumpkin Golden Ginseng Ginseng
Contains all the necessary ingredients for a clear and clean breath.
-18 kinds of ingredients are carefully selected in one bag.
-9 kinds concentrate
Pear concentrate, bellflower concentrate, quince concentrate, citron concentrate, ginger concentrate, gooseberries concentrate, red beet concentrate, pumpkin concentrate, golden complex extract
-5 kinds of plant mixture extract that is difficult to take separately
Bellflower, Schisandra chinensis, Ginseng, Loofah oil and dried fruit
-4 types of nutrients for health
Vitamin B1, B2, zinc, fructooligosaccharide
-No synthetic additives
-Anytime, anywhere, simply squeeze 1 packet a day
and consume it in a thick and convenient way.
Dilute it appropriately in water and take it hot or cool.