[Natural shared] Churros sticks 2 pieces (35g x 20 bags) 700g 1 box konjac sticky


Natural shared churros konjac sticky

35g x 20 bags

A meeting of fragrant cinnamon and konjac sticks.
The traditional churros taste of fragrant cinnamon and sweet and savory cheong-deuk-i combine to create a healthy and light chur-deuk.
*Traditional chewy taste
*The secret of lightness and strength!- Konjac!
*100% Korean brown rice & sticky barley
* No preservatives, no color, no fragrance
*Easy small package

[Various intake methods]

-Completely chewy
Bake. (direct fire or frying pan) -> Sprinkle sugar powder and dip in chocolate to eat.
-Slender Chulerson
I still eat. Eat with water.
-A light churros sticky
Microwave it for about 10 seconds.
Cook in an air fry at 180 degrees for about 3-5 minutes and eat.