Natural Plus Stress Theanine 600mg x 60EA Contains vitamins B6,C,Pantothenic acid, magnesium,Zinc

Natural Plus
Stress & Theanine
600mg x 60 Tablets

Theanine, 3 vitamins, 2 minerals
-Contains 250mg of L-theanine
-Contains vitamins B6, C, pantothenic acid, magnesium, and zinc
-Strictly selected auxiliary ingredients
Valerian extract powder (France), cacomile extract (France), passion flower extract powder (France),
taurine (from Korea), Ecklonica powder (from Korea), Rhododendron extract powder (Spain)

[Recommended for these people.]
-Those who need peace of mind
-Those who are tired of study and career
-Those who are tired of parenting and housekeeping activities
-Those who are nervous and sensitive even in small things
-Those who want health care in a busy day
-Those who want vitality in their tense and rigid daily life
-People who need mental and physical tension relief
-Those who are stressed by excessive work

[How to take]
Take once a day and two tablets at a time with water.