Nakeup Face Baby Pink Water Balm 20g Oil and moisture balance control Moisture Pore Care Soothing

Nakeup Face
Baby Pink Water Balm 20g

When you are worried about dry and rough skin
When you want a natural young glow that is not burdensome
when you feel dry anytime,
anywhere, when you are tired of moisturizing the surface no matter how much you apply it!
I recommend Baby Pink Water Balm.

It's a multi-moisturizing balm that
moisturizes and fills radiance with only natural ingredients without harmful ingredients.

By forming a thin moisturizing film, it keeps the skin moist without stickiness.
Representative Ingredients: Palm seed butter, coconut palm oil, shea butter
* Exclusion of 20 ingredients that require attention
*Fresh oil products without synthetic preservatives
All Over Care
Face, intensive care around the mouth and nose, lip balm,
where dead skin cells are white, water shine before and after makeup, hand cream!

Moisturizing that keeps true moisture
A shield to prevent moisture evaporation if you brush once
After brushing twice, intensive moisture for quick drying
If you brush it 3 times, it moisturizes the glowing glow
*After turning the lower part up, remove the inner cap. This is a product made with only natural ingredients, and the contents may get on the inner cap.