[Myogatan] Cat oral/Tooth Health Nutritional Snack Puree 12g x14EA

Cat oral/tooth health nutritional snack puree 
12g x14EA ,1Box

Not only oral care, but also intestinal health at once!
Eat well and have smooth bowel movements to be together for a long time.

-The yolk powder component contained in myogatan helps
the cat's oral and dental health and supplies nutrients such as vitamin E and lactobacilli.

-Myogatan can be consumed by infants and older cats by applying a puree-type formulation,
and meticulous care is possible in every corner of the teeth.

-Contains yucca extract and lactic acid bacteria to help intestinal health,
and helps in proliferation of beneficial bacteria in the intestine as well as reducing stool odor.

-It contains only really good things.
(Pure water, fish meat, chicken, sweet potato starch, tuna, fish oil, egg yolk powder (egg yolk),
shrimp powder, tuna extract, konjac, oligosaccharide, catnip powder,
vitamin E, green tea extract, corn beard extract, yucca extract, lactobacillus Polanta Room, etc.)

[Smart feeding]

When intensive management is needed: It is recommended to feed two per day.
It is recommended to feed one per day for maintenance.
* You can feed up to 4 cats per day depending on the size, age, momentum, and environment of your cat.