[My NOBEL]Clean and Quick Disposable Toilet Bowl Brush Bathroom Cleaner

Troublesome toilet cleaning
Solve all at once with Clean & Quick

This product is certified by the KOTITI Living Research Institute,a product of` "cleaning agent '' for worries,
so use it with confidence!

You can clean every corner between toilet toilet, tile gap and drain gap.
1. Loosen (brush with detergent to loosen in water)
2.Cleaning (handle to be able to clean every corner without hand)
3. Throw away (pulp brush soluble in water)
Steering wheel + steering wheel hanger + refilled bundle (12 pieces)

1. Made to the length that can be cleaned without touching unpleasant places
(handle clearance, drainage pipe gap, tile gap, etc.)

2.Pulp Brush with Detergent
(The detergent contains between detergents that can be easily loosened by touching water,
so you can clean without any detergent.)

3.Soluble in water
(clean every corner, throw it down the toilet and drop it!)

Please rest assured!
Used a pulp brush that has been certified for disassembly without worrying about throwing it down the toilet!
* If you lower a lot of brush at once,the toilet may be blocked. Drain one brush at a time.

-Since the detergent is blue, it may be stained if exposed to white tiles,silicone, or cement for a long time.
It is recommended to wash it immediately after cleaning.
-Because it is a moisture-sensitive pulp brush,
avoid storing it in hot and humid places,and store it in the enclosed zipper bag in a dry place.
-The brush contains detergent, so if you clean it with your bare hands,you may damage your hands.
Protect your hands with tools such as rubber gloves.