My KETO Recipe Milk Tea 15g x 10Sticks

My KETO Recipe Milk Tea
15g x 10Sticks

Strong and delicious milk tea
A morning booster that wakes up your tired brain with caffeine and healthy fat intake.
-73% butter produced in clean areas in Australia
-Contains healthy MCT oil
Caprylic acid (C8): composed of capric acid (C10)=6:4.
-Fantastic blend of black tea from Sri Lanka and Earl Gray
- Antioxidant effect of polyphenols / Rich in catechins to help with fat breakdown
- Caffeine-containing vitality UP / Dopamine release mood UP
-Earl Gray Bergamot ingredient improves the immune system. increase the body's immune function
- Creamer (prime) and shortening zero
- Zero artificial sweeteners
-Low caffeine content, even people with sensitive skin OK!

[How to take]
Add 80~150ml of hot water according to your preference and stir well before serving.