[Murray] multi-function Wireless Charging UV Disinfection Sterilization Box Charger W50


Multi-function Wireless Charging UV Sterilization Box W50

Smartphone wireless charging + airpod charging + Apple Watch charging + UV disinfection
4 functions in one OK!

-UV disinfection
-Smartphone wireless charging
It supports wireless charging of smartphones that support wireless charging,
and supports high-speed charging according to the output of the adapter.
-Disinfection effect by using ultraviolet light waves, disinfection of small products
-Watch/wireless earphone charging
-Use a convenient USB-C cable
Since it is not a rechargeable wireless product,
it can be operated only when the power cable is connected when charging and disinfecting.
The output of the power adapter must use an adapter with a large output of 9v 2A to be used normally.
If the output is insufficient, symptoms of partial charging and slowing of charging speed, and repeated disconnection of charging may occur.
-Prevents heat generation with a hot air outlet at the bottom
-Sensor detection with magnetic flap
In disinfection mode, it works only when the lid is covered to prevent danger from UV lamps.
When charging, charging proceeds normally even if the flap is open.
Input voltage: 5v/2A or 9V/2A
Output voltage:9v 1.0~1.5A,5W/0.3A 5w/1A
Output Current: Max 10W (Wireless Charging-Smartphone)
5W (airpot/watch) 2W (UV output)
Wireless charging range: ≤ 10mm
Disinfection time: about 3 minutes