Murggerbon 4 kinds of seasoning almonds Special Variety Pack 300g x 2EA Korean Snacks

Murggerbon Special Variety Pack 300g

You can meet 4 kinds of seasoning almonds of 300g at once.
-Honey Butter Almond 10g x 8EA
Honey butter almonds flavored with savory almonds created by dry roasting with sweet Korean honey and savory butter.
-Tiramisu Almond 10g x 7EA
Sweet cocoa and cream cheese flavored tiramisu and dry roasted almonds are a sweet encounter!
-Coo & K Flavor Almond 10g x 7EA
Almonds tossed in soft white cream and sweet cookie powder.
-Wasabi Flavored Almond 10g x 8EA
Dry roasted almonds and spicy spicy taste meet attractive wasabi flavor.